So here’s an interesting tidbit…

We recently adopted a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel out of our local animal shelter. Her name is Laci by the way. Well Laci has decided that she’s my owner and really only hangs out with my parents when I’m at work and next weekend while I’m in Nebraska. Because I work third shift Laci sleeps with me pretty much all day and really only gets up when she has to go outside. My parents did the math last night and estimate that Laci is really only awake for approximately 2 hours on the days that I work. That’s just weird to me but what do I know right?

P.S. She’s sound asleep next to me on the bed (thank god for laptops) as I’m typing this post.




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  1. I love your blog name. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment on my Daily Blessings site on the chocolate question. It’s so cool that you took in your little cocker. They’re so sweet.

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment on my site. I really appreciate it. We’ve done well with the cocker breed….We have another dog that is 1/2 cocker and 1/2 lab and is the absolute sweetest thing. Old (19) and see real well and can’t hear real well but we still love her a ton.

  3. I love your blogs name too! Your dog sounds like my Gracie!

  4. Glad you got a Cocker Spaniel. I guess as long as a dog is with you, they don’t care if they’re asleep or awake.

  5. Your dog is normal. Mine sleep all the time too. I don’t know what they do while I’m at work, but I suspect that they sleep because there’s nothing else to do.

  6. Yes very normal, are you sure she is not a poodle???
    Missy-Moo our mini poodle sleeps all night & a lot of the day, but when I get up for work at 6am & turn the lounge room light on she looks at me as if to say, “Why did you wake me up, I need my sleep you know”

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