What I’ve learned from this vacation…

1. There is a town in Iowa that is actually called What Cheer.
2. Between Ashley and I we took over 500 pictures while we were gone.
3. Iowa isn’t quiet as bad as Illinois….There are hills in Iowa at least.
4. John Wayne was 13 lbs. when he was born.
5. Guilherme Marchi smells really good.

There is more to come….this is just a little teaser.




6 Responses

  1. Thank you for my birthday wishes! I have a blogger friend that lives in Iowa! John Wayne~13 pounds-wow! I wasn’t even half his size when I was born-lol. I was also born 5 weeks early-stunted my growth-lol!

  2. Was John Wayne born in Iowa? And what is Guilherme Marchi?

  3. Yup John Wayne (born Marion Robert – later changed to Michael- Morrison) was born in Winterset, IA. Guilherme Marchi is one of my favorite Professional Bullriders and he smells really GOOD!

  4. Sounds fun! Now I can believe John Wayne weighed that much–he came in the world big! HA
    Gina @ Gina’s Public Diary

  5. I was gunna ask what Guilherme Marchi was I thought it musta been some kinda mexican food….
    Oh to be 13 lbs again…

  6. Once on a family vacation, we broke down in Boondock, and it was either Idaho or Iowa. I can’t remember now.. .but I thought it was hilarious and even bought a t-shirt with the town’s name on it!

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