Sunday ~ Randomness

randomness…feed your mind and your blogweek of april.20.2006: april showers bring may flowers
well, spring has finally arrived, how do you feel?has it been a long hard winter for you? does the beautiful spring weather put you in a good mood?some people do spring cleaning,some suffer from seasonal allergies, and others just dont care at do you feel about spring time, do you have any rituals?
till next time…till next time…
I don’t have any allergies that I know of so for now I’m feeling pretty good. It was a pretty miserable winter for me…I hadn’t gone anywhere or done anything fun since last September when Ashley and I went to Grand Rapids. I love it when the weather is good, especially if it’s on my days off! It’s crummy when it’s nice on the weekend’s cause that’s when I work! I love spring time, I don’t really have any rituals yet…I’m trying to come up with one or two of my own. What about you out there how does spring make you feel?Please Click on “Randomness….Feed Your Mind and Your Blog” to go the host page.


3 Responses

  1. I hope that spring is headed our way. We had snow last week, but it’s nice so far this week-end. The forecast for next week doesn’t look too bright. Keep your finger crossed for me, I’m itching to plant flowers….

  2. Got my fingers and my toes crossed for ya ranch mommy! It’ll be spring there soon….It just randomly showed up here after what seemed like an eternity of “spring in theory”.

  3. Wow what a beautiful picture. Maybe you can post a link to the original large picture or perhaps upload it to Flickr, it’s pretty sweet looking.


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