I’m two days behind AGAIN!

So as you know there was no Tirade Tuesday this week and no post yesterday. There was no Tirade Tuesday because I really had nothing but work that was ticking me off and that really seems to be a lost cause right now and I was helping my brother, his fiancee and their buddy/roommate finish packing and then move. Hence why there was no post yesterday, because it was moving day. So yet again I’m two days behind on my blogs and blogging but I hope to get caught up this morning.

Have a great day everybody!

BITR Country Girl


Makeover Monday!

Monday’s are Makeover Monday’s here at Bumps in the Road. So today I’m going to talk about indugling myself. Now I LOVE to indulge myself but I DON’T like to spend a lot of money in the process, but there comes a time when you just have to and now I’m glad I spent the money on these products. I bought some products from Swisa Beauty that I really LOVE. These products have ingredients from the Dead Sea in them which was another drw forme besides how they made me and my skin feel. I bought the Body Butter simply because of how good it made my skin feel. Because of my job (which is really rough on my skin sometimes) to have my skin feeling really soft and smelling really good made me feel pretty girly. I bought the Dead Sea Facial Peel because I had yet to find a product ACTUALLY worked on my combination oily/dry skin and believe me it has done wonders in a short time for my skin. When you use the peel you can physically see all the dead skin particals that the product is getting rid of which is kinda creepy/enlightening. Because of the nature of my job my hands are now super rough and I was constantly lotioning my hands to try and keep some form of moisture in the skin. Which is why I bought Dead Sea Mineral Treatment for Hands and Feet. It’s another one of those where you can see the dead skin particals if you use a basin or a large bowl when you are using the product. With this product my hands are super soft and stay that way much longer than with lotion…..Days longer actually. The products themselves are pretty pricey but if your looking for a solution for an issue with your skin and you haven’t found the answer yet it might be worth a try.
How do YOU indulge yourself?

An Award!

Meg over at Lucchese to Louis Vuitton gave me an award! Thanks Meg! Now who do I want to share it with?!

93 and still going strong

As I posted earlier yesterday was the party for my great grandma’s 93rd birthday. Also posted about was the cemetery walk where we learned a little bit more about our ancestors who are buried in the Linn-Hebron Cemetery. So now I’ll post a little bit about what I learned about my ancestors yesterday.

1. My Schulz ancestors are from the island of Rugen in Germany and worked in the agricultural “sector” of the country.

2. My great great grandfather Fred Schulz was in World War 1 and served on all three fronts. There was a story told about when he was on the western front and he looked out of his foxhole and saw enemy soldiers and thought “if I can see them, they can see me” and bugged out and left. Not long after he left his foxhole the whole hole was blown up by a morter.

3. My great grandfather Schulz is the one responsible for the Schulz’s coming to America. He wanted his own land, his own things, his own life but my great great grandparents weren’t ready to not be a family anymore. The war had just ended and they hadn’t been a “family” during the duration of the war, so now that the war was over my great father’s parents were determined to be a family again.

4. After the war was over my great great grandfather and family purchased a house that is no longer standing but that the Schulz family does now own again. My great great grandparents never sold the property when they came to America. They kept it “just in case.” In 1995 my great uncle Russ went over to Germany and actually laid claim to the property so now it is once again back in the family.

5. The Schulz’s left for America in 1923 and landed at Ellis Island when they got to America.

Those are just a few of the things that I learned about my ancestors and quite frankly that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg! I can hardly wait for next year!

Sunburn BAD!

Today was the party for my great grandma’s 93 birthday and apparently I spent toooooo much time in the sun and now I have the sun burn to show for it. The party was great….They had a cemetery walk in the cemetery where the majority of our ancestors that came over from the old country are buried. That was AWESOME! I learned soooo much about my ancestors. I promise to share more and some of the pictures I took when I get up from my nap. I’ve got to become a “vampires” again for tomorrow night when I go back to work. So I’ll talk to you all again in a few hours. Until then……

BITR Country Girl

Need some Laci advice….

This is how Laci likes to sleep….on her back with her legs straight up in the air.

In March we adopted a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel from our local animal shelter. Since then she’s been steadily putting on weight and becoming sluggish. She doesn’t play with toys at all and her favorite thing to do is sleep because that’s what our 19 year old dog does cause well she’s old. Basically what I’m looking for are some idea’s to help her slim down so we don’t have to start worrying about her hips cause Cockers are prone to hip displaysia.

Thankful Friday!

It’s Friday again! You know what that means?! It’s time for me to post my blessings for the week. For those of you who are new to Bumps in the Road I am participating in Blessed1’s challenge. It’s a six week challenge that could results in the person sending the most traffic to her blog winning one of her in-the-process-of-being-published books. So here goes my blessings for this week:

1. I’m extremely happy/blessed/thankful to have two extra days off this week from work. Work is really stressing me out right now and it doesn’t help that 1/2 the leadership just does NOT give a crap about what happens during the night.

2. I’m thankful that my great grandmother is still with us and we are going down tomorrow to go to her birthday party. She just turned 93! Longevity runs in her family…Her mom lived to be 96!

3. I’m thankful that my brother, his fiancee, and their good buddy/roomate will be out from under their current landlords finger by Thursday of next week at the very latest. They are NOT in a good situation right now and are just trying to make the best of it for the next 6 days.

4. I’m not sure if this counts or not but I’m still going to put it down anyway….I’m extremely thankful that there are people like Terri out there that go to great lengths to help out their friends/family/complete strangers.

5. I’m blessed to have such great blogging friends. As I’ve said before somedays you guys are the difference between me going to bed extremely ticked off or giggling to myself about something I read out there in the blogsphere. You guys are the BEST!

6. I’m blessed that my family and I are all healthy and living each day to it’s fullest.

So what are you out there thankful for?

BITR Country Girl