Yesterday in the mail the rest of my amazon order arrived! I was totally excited by this. I had ordered three of my favorite movies – Son In Law, The Paleface (a Bob Hope classic) and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I spent the afternoon watching my movies since I wasn’t able to log into my blog to post and now as a result I have the song “Sobbin’ Women” from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers stuck in my head! So my question to you is what’s your favorite musical/movie?


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  1. Thank you SO much for stopping over!! Its great to have new ‘company’!! Feel free to come see me anytime – I promise to be back here to!!!

  2. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Is that the older one? With Howard Keel? If it is check out this fella!! He is always callin us “Soberin Women” I told him he reminded me of Howard Keel in SBFSB! He! He! He tries to be “Gruff!” He really is a big softee!
    Check out his pictures of the Long beard!
    My fav musical, is “My fair Lady” or Easter Parade! I love the older movies! (Most of them!)

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