A little rest…

If you hadn’t noticed I did take a little rest from blogging for a couple of days. I think sometimes a little rest is good for the blogger in all of us. So there was no Makeover Monday or Tirade Tuesday this week. On to bigger and better things…..As I’ve posted about in prior posts I’ve been trying to lose some weight for a while now. I was doing so well and then I fell off the wagon. When I started this last time I weighed in at 178.5 pounds now I’m down to and holding around 163 pounds. I don’t see much change weight wise on the scale but I do see it in other area’s of my body like my hips and thighs. I started out in a size 13/14 jean and now I am in a 9/10 depending upon brand and cut of course. So I’ve come to the conclusion that if the numbers don’t want to change on the scale anymore (I want them too but they just aren’t!) I’ll just play up my “shape!” So my plan for today is to go through every inch of my wardrobe and get rid of anything that I don’t need taking up space in my wardrobe. Then slowly but surely I’m going to add more pieces that play up my shape, add color to my wardrobe and I feel good in.

2 Responses

  1. That is a lot of weight to lose! Good job! I am going to encourage you to continue to work out frequently! 🙂

  2. I so understand how you feel. I lost a good bit of weight several years ago, however, I still have body image issues. I’ve gained a little back but in reality I am fine. But I constantly beat myself up about it. Logically, I know my life is great but my weight is always on my mind. So I am going to try to accept my body as it is and celebrate it. Got that from you blessings post!

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