So what’s new with me?!……

I cleaned out my closet on Thursday and found that now that I actually HAVE space in my closet. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to cleaning it out but now that I’ve done it I’m really happy with the results. Know that I’m more comfortable with the way my body is I’m more comfortable wearing some of the clothes that I have in my closet. Though I’ve never been real comfortable with dresses I’ve got a couple in my closet that I kept that I actually like to wear.

On Wednesday I heard from my “brother” Chris who is in the military. He was bored in California….His unit is there doing some training from what he said and it was an off day for them. He’s supposed to come home at the end of this month but we’ll see…..He got caught partying the night before his unit was leaving for California and his higher ups are considering revoking his “time off.” Shortly it’s rumored that his unit is being sent to Iraq….He’s already been to Afgahnistan has a pretty serious case of Post Traumatic Stress from that. So we were all a little bit surprised when he actually went and made himself “active” again.

My brother pulled a muscle in his neck on Wednesday and has been pretty cranky since. He finally went to the dr. yesterday and now he’s on a muscle relaxer and hydro-something for the pain I guess. The downside is he is missing 5 days of work as a result.

I went out and bought myself a memory foam pillow because for some reason I go through pillows like they’re candy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I don’t know why I didn’t get one before now. I’ve slept like a baby since I got it and my neck and upper back aren’t hurting near as much as before either.

I went out and bought myself another Wii game yesterday morning. I got Cabela’s Trophy Bucks. It’s defiantely not like Cabela’s Big Game Hunter at all. It’s different but I like it a lot. It’s tougher than Big Game Hunter, cause you have to repeat the same hunt until you reach the minimum amount of points to get at least a bronze “medal”.

I worked on my entries for the fair yesterday. It ought to be an interesting fair that’s for sure. I can hardly wait to see how I do against my mom and vise versa.


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