I’m beginning to develop a complex…..

This is one of my “ballsier”/borderline selfish posts that I’ve done and it’s not intended to upset or offend anyone, so I do apologize if I do step on a few toes out there in blogland. It’s more to vent my frustrations about the lack of response to my posts. I was checking out a blog that i happened to find on Cowboys, Kids and Sunsets called Crazy M Ranch and the writer of the blog actually had a post similar to the one that I’m about to write….It actually inspired me to write the rest of this post actually.I’ve been blogging for a little while know and I’ve recently started developing a “complex” I guess you could call it. It seems that I have a bunch of people who come to my blog but most don’t leave comments (I love comments…..even if it’s just a “hi”). How am I supposed to vist their blogs and leave comments if there isn’t any trace of them other than in my visitor tracker? I really do appreciate those who do comment on a regular basis. And what about those “new” blogs that I go to and visit and leave comments on? There are several that I’ve been to in the past few weeks that I’ve left comments on and I haven’t heard a peep from them. Why should I keep going back if they don’t come and visit me even to just say “hey thanks for the comment?”

I know that I’ve moved between here and wordpress a couple of times and I’ve learned my lesson doing that. I’ve been trying to come up with interesting topics to blog about and still very few comments, even though I know that there are more than a few people out there who are reading. So I guess I’m just going to throw this out there….What do you guys and gals want to hear more or less about? There really is no wrong answer to this question. I’m just trying to get a better feel for what you guys and gals want to see more or less of.

Have a great day!

BITR Country Girl (I guess I’m living up to my nickname here with this post.)


7 Responses

  1. Hey Girlie!! I know for what you say!! I think we have “window” shoppers!! he!he! I love your new layout. I am not sure how to intice people to leave comments? I guess we are not pioneer women! And I try to follow up with all my comment leavers! I Guess we need to have more giveaways! Or pose in a bikini! I’m sure I would get some comments saying to cover up!! I’m here for you Little BITR Cowgirl!

  2. Thanks Train Wreck! I wish the “window” shoppers would “buy” something every once in awhile!

  3. Hey Jamie!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! It gets pretty lonely at times. I whine to the husband that I must be writing for myself. He assures me I’m not cause all the family make comments about the posts. Just wish they would leave a comment every once in awhile! Thanks again for checking me out. Come back!

  4. I think it just takes time and you’re definitely not alone in what you’re feeling. We’ve all been there at one time or another.

    But since you asked, personally, I love when people write about their lives; what’s going on; what they did today; what makes them happy, sad, angry, etc. I love the personal diary type blogs the best.

  5. Thanks for the feedback Terri!

  6. I just found your blog, and lo and behold ran across this post– I think everyone feels this way sometimes.

    I cannot figure out how I have almost 40K hits on my blog and three comments, all from the same people.

    I figure it is because I am boring, but when I see other people comment on lack of comments, they are not boring.

    I guess it is good to know that when we are talking to ourselves we are not alone (or maybe that just means more people KNOW we are talking to ourselves)!

    Keep it up and they will come, I am sure!

  7. We’re not boring Paige we just have a crap ton of “window shoppers” is all. It’ll it get better it has too right?!

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