You Might Be A Wisconsinite….


* You define Summer as three months of bad sledding.
* Your definition of a small town is one that only has one bar.
* Snow tires come standard on all your cars.
* You refer to the Packers as “we.”
* At least 50% of your relatives work on a dairy farm.
* You can make sense out of the words upnort and Trivers.
* You have ever gotten frostbitten and sunburned in the same week.
* You can identify a Michigan accent.
* You know what “cow-tipping” is.
* You learned to drive a tractor before the training wheels were off your bike.
* “Down South” to you means Chicago.
* Traveling coast to coast means going from Superior to Milwaukee.
* The “Big Three” means Miller, Old Milwaukee & PBR.
* A brat is something you eat.
* You were offended by the movie “Fargo.”
* You know that Eau Claire is not something you eat.
* You have no problem spelling Milwaukee.
* You consider Madison “exotic.”
* You got a passport to go to Minnesota.
* Your idea of foreign culture is listening to Da Yoopers.
* You don’t have a coughing fit from one sip of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
* You’ve seen a hodag.
* You used to think Deer Season was included as an official school holiday.
* You know that Gotham is a real city.
* You can actually pronounce and spell Oconomowoc.
* You know what a bubbler is.
* The snow on your roof in August weighs more than you do.
* Your idea of creative landscaping is a statue of a cow next to your bluespruce.
* You think there should be a “FIB go home” bumper sticker on every car north of Madison.
* Your neighbor throws a party to celebrate his new machine shed.
* A Friday night out is taking your girlfriend shining for deer.
* You go out for fish fry on every Friday.
* You go to work in a snowsuit in the morning and return home wearing shorts.
* When you tell someone where you are from and they say: ‘I thought that was part of Canada.’
* Bernie Brewer is your idol because he gets to dive in a giant beer mug.
* Your idea of the seasons is Winter, Spring and the 4th of July.
* You know how to polka.
* Your idea of diversity is having black, white, and brown cows.
* You drink “soda” and refer to your dad as “pop.”
* Formal wear is a flannel shirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap.
* You tried to tap the “World’s Largest Six Pack.”
* Your children describe their summer vacation out of state as a “trip to Door County.”
* You are unaware there is a legal drinking age.
* You have to go to Florida to get a tan in August.
* You have caught a fish in Lake Michigan and it glowed in the dark.
* You define “swimming season” as Labor Day weekend.
* Your 4th of July Family Picnic was moved indoors due to frost.
* You know where the city of Waunakee is AND can pronounce it.
* You can visit Luxemburg, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, and Poland all in one afternoon.
* You have more fishing poles than teeth…
* You decided to have a picnic this summer because it fell on a weekend.
* You have been involved in a “drive-by hay bailing.”
* You understand all these jokes and pass them on to all your Wisconsin friends.


One Response

  1. LOL!! How funny! I will have to think hard or maybe not for something to say about where I live! BTW I had no idea you gave me an Award!! I was catching up on all your posts and found the one where you gave me an award! I am so sorry? I don’t know how I missed it? There was a while where I couldn’t “find” you? Anyway I feel terrible! So I made a tiny apology post on my page for You! Again so sorry and Thank you so much!!

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