I’m planning a "Girl Vacation!"

After reading Train Wreck’s post about her lone girl trip and how much fun she had on it I’ve decided that I’m going to plan then take a girl vacation too! All the other vacations that I’ve gone on recently have involved Cowboys, Beer, and Bullriding….This will be the first non-bullriding vacation that I’ve taken in a long while. I’ve decided that I want to go see Utah/Monument Valley and maybe even the Grand Canyon. I’ve always wanted to Monument Valley in real life, I’ve seen it in movies…..Primarily John Ford’s western’s with John Wayne starring (Stagecoach, The Searchers, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, and Fort Apache). Now that I’ve decided that I’m going to finally go I am super excited and can hardly wait!

Have a great weekend for me everybody!

BITR Country Girl


7 Responses

  1. You go girl! I know what it’s like to have all your “vacations” involve cowboys and bullridin’! Take some much deserved time for yourself!

  2. thats AWESOME. im so jealous! i want to take a girl vacation so badly..it will have to wait a little while though. I cant wait to read all about yours!

  3. You go girl!

    I have girl vacation at least once a year with a college friend–we go scuba diving usually. The last two years have been Belize, but next year is Bonaire–

    it is absolutely rejuvenating.

    Take the time to do it before you run out of time–that is my motto!

  4. That sounds AWESOME. I bet you’ll love the adventure of setting off on your own and exploring a place you’ve always wanted to see. I’m so proud of you for deciding to do this.

  5. Having a vacation once every year is a great idea. Just don’t stop off at any ranches along the way to do any bull riding please. lol

  6. Oh I am touched! It was fun! I am already planning another one! It sounds like you need a long relaxing one!

  7. TW ~ I do need a long one. I might need a beer or two to get over all the BS that has taken place over this weekend.

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