Houston We’ve Had a Name Change!

I’m still me (BITR Country Girl/Jamie) but my blog is now “Just Another Day In Paradise.” Cause sometimes my life is more “Just Another Day In ‘Paradise'” than it is “Bumps In The Road” really. Plus it’s something I’d been thinking about doing and now I’ve just gone ahead and done it.

Have a great day everybody!

BITR Country Girl/Jamie


6 Responses

  1. Cool, new blog name sounds good.

  2. So are you being sarcastic or taking a positive look on life with the new name?

  3. Ooohhhh~I love paradise! Love the new name change!

  4. The Wife ~ A little bit of both in regards to my new blog name.

  5. cute new name! i like it!

  6. LOL! Another day in “BITR” Pardise! Girl you crack me up! It will get better, you are to strong, and have far too much personality to not, go far in life!

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