Was I reading too much into this?

Edit @ 7:30 pm: Apparently not, cause yet another nasty e-mail. Seriously, the people I choose to be friends with can really act like children sometimes!

I’m more than a little bit confused by the whole situation with my friend from work. I went in to get my check this morning and my friend, her sister, and Punk Princess were standing there in the parking lot talking. Thinking that everybody and there brother was mad me I decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea to say hi. So I went into to get my check and then I was off to pay a bill for my dad (cause I’m a nice daughter that way, but our mall doesn’t open until 10 and I was there at 9.) On my way home I get a text message from my buddies sister asking what’s wrong and why I didn’t say hi. So I was honest with her and said I thought everybody was mad at me. Then my Punk Princess called me and wanted to know what was up. I explained to her that I was very confused about the whole situation with my friend. Then she kind of enlightened me about what has been going on with my buddy….Basically at work we are seriously understaffed in one of our busiest times of the year (which has led to short tempers apparently) and she’s been working a lot so she hasn’t had the time to call me back because she basically goes home and falls down and goes to sleep. From what I’ve been told it’s a great big “he said, she said” thing and I’m hoping that we can all get together and talk this out, cause she is one of my best friends and everybody involved is more than a little bit confused.

So was I reading too much into the nasty text message that I recieved on Thursday morning and the e-mails that I got on Tuesday? I don’t know for sure yet but I’m hoping to soon.

Have a great weekend everybody! I’m off to finish my beer and then go to bed. We have a double truck tonight with not a lot of people and apparently they’re still trying to dig themselves out from Wednesday night.



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