Kicking my own A$$

I’ve been getting kinda lax in my “quest” to lose “some” weight. Pretty much I’ve gone completely backwards and all but completely fallen off of the wagon all together. I’ve decided that I want to lose “some” of this weight because quite frankly it’s just not healthy for me to be carrying it around. I’ve tried in the past to maintain a blog specifically for my weight loss but found that I could not maintain multiple blogs at the same time so I’ve decide that I’m going to post here on Paradise my ongoing struggle to get some of this weight off. Some of my goals are to shed 25 pounds by my 25th birthday on the 21st of February, live a healthier lifestyle, learn to not be so “couch potatoish” and be more confident with my body. I weighed myself this morning and I was a whopping 164 pounds….If I hit my 25 pound goal dead on my target weight is 139 pounds.Is anyone else out there trying to shed some pounds, cause I could really use a/some bloggy workout buddies? Can anyone out there give me some advice/suggestions on the “easiest” (and I use that term VERY loosely) way to shed pounds without any expensive exercise equipment or a gym membership? I’d really appreciate it.


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  1. πŸ™‚ From your sidebar it looks like you’ve found a lot of the support you’re looking for. Next week the two holiday weight loss challenges will become pretty active, and in September I’ll be posting some relating to The Biggest Loser Season 6.

    We’re all struggling, and it gets difficult at times. If you haven’t seen it yet, I also suggest as a great source of information, suggestions, and inspiration.

  2. Hey girlie! I continually battle with my weight. I lost over 60 lbs around 6 years ago. I have gained 15 of it back. My motivation has been lacking greatly. I was going to get back to running right before I got stepped on by the horse. Trying to get the foot well and my wrist is hurt. I use that as an excuse but really, does running involve your wrist! What makes me so disgusted is I know everything I need to do because I’ve done it before. And I am just being LAZY! So we can motivate each other! I’m there for ya!

  3. hey i dont really have a lot of advice for this…haha i think we both know I should not be telling anyone how to lose weight! BUT here is what i can tell you, drink a lot of water…thats just plain good for you. Walk more…take a half hour walk in the evenings, or on your lunch break. Im not even going to touch the subject of food because Ive taken that to the extreme! Good luck on your healthy quest!

  4. The Wife ~ You could start small….like walking for a little while until your foot gets better, then gradually work your way into running. I know you have at least a couple 4-legged walking buddies at your house! I’m there for ya Girlie!

    Kate ~ Thanks for the link there was a lot of really helpful information there. I’m going to have to go over it somemore when I get home from work in the morning.

    Bekah ~ Thanks for the suggestions. It’s no fun to walk by yourself (like I had been doing up until we got our second dog) now I’ve got a new 4-legged walking partner. Know I’ve just got to stay motivated to keep going for walks.

  5. Jamie girl! I was wondering where you went! I’m here for ya!

  6. Try starting with small goals and working from there. If you start with big goals and don’t achieve them you just get dissappointed and lose the motivation. My problem was time equipment. I could buy a gym membership but never got around to going. Find what your main set back is and work around it. I have now got into hooping (Don’t laugh, I’m totally serious) because it’s cheap, it’s a hula hoop, it works the abs, it’s aerobic, the kid can do it with me, it can be done in the house, there’s a dvd that walks you through it and you can different level dvd’s though Netflix. Oh and as for needing to get a new line of clothing, hoops stick better to bare skin, it works best naked. It just doesn’t get any easier than that now does it? Just remember to close the shades…

  7. Ok I too wanted to get to a certain size before I got married. I have always been very active, and ate whatever I wanted. Never had to worry about it. Til the last two years or so. Here is how I lost the weight I wanted and keep it off.
    I do NOT eat after 7 o’clock at night. Your body does not have time to burn the calories off before you go to bed. I eat breakfast every morning.try and eat 1 hour after you get up. Activa yogaurt is good for you, it will help regulate your digestive system. I like the vanilla with granola on top,with a cup of coffee. Or I will fix one scrambled egg, two pieces of bacon and a piece of wheat toast, light butter NOT margarine. I have a small snack around 10 o clock, they have all those 100 calorie packs. I eat lunch, I eat whatever I want just smaller portions. I do avoid fast foods. I will eat them occasionally, but not if I can hekp it. I don’t drink soda, I will drink water with crystal light the energy one really works. Pick a flavor there are alot! Dinner before 7 !! If I can’t eat before then I eat something like a salad nothing to fatty. It is important to keep eating, it will help the weight come off. If you starve yourself your body will start breaking down muscle and start feeding on itself. Plus then when you are hungry you are more likely to eat more. Smaller portions more often. I also get a B-12 shot once a week. It helps speed up your metabolism. Good luck I know how difficult it can be. How hard it is to stay motivated. Shape mag has some pretty good menus in there. Let me know if I can help you in any way! Oh yeah and Carmen Electra strip tease aerobics! I am being serious! If you feel sexy you will feel motivated!

  8. Thanks Train Wreck and everybody else for the ideas and support. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend everybody!

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