Laci’s mad at me….

She’s mad at me again. Apparently, she thought that our walk was tooooo long, I on the other hand was feeling sorry for her and cut it short. I can hardly wait until we’re both up to the same speed and we can go for longer walks. Maybe one day we’ll even jog together, who knows. She’s also mad at me because the dew’s still on and she doesn’t like to get wet in any way, shape, or form. Know I have a soggy Cocker Spaniel sprawled across my bed. Well I’d better go make myself some dinner so I can go to bed….Have to be to work early tonight….But the upside is if I go in early I can leave early.


4 Responses

  1. Laci sounds like a cute little princess! My dog never cared if she was wet, muddy, or ran too much. She was cute in a dopey sort of way!

  2. What a great post. I looooove my daughter, uh, I mean doggie. She gets mad at me too sometimes. Thank goodness they get distracted so easily. Either that or just give them a pork rind or two. Makes them forget they’re mad.

  3. I hope you get to leave early! I’m so glad you’ve got a great dog…I will still miss mine for a while longer.

  4. Just wanted to say hi. IM doing the challenge as well!

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