Potential EBay purchase!

I’m in the process of bidding on a Wii Fit on Ebay! I kid you not the starting bid was $9.99 on an item that usually starts at about $80.00 in stores. It still has about 16 hours left on the auction but it would be really awesome if I could win this, plus they have 2 available so I’ve got my fingers cossed. I’ve got my Wii but I haven’t been playing it very much because I’ve just been flat out tired from busting my tushy at work all the time.

Ok so I caved and have been play Wii sports most of the morning. I even tried out the Wii Fitness thing on the disc too…my Wii Fitness age is 80!! I must be pretty out of shape if it’s that high. 😉 Anyway, I really want to thank Train Wreck for suggesting the Activa yogurt. I got some this morning and it’s GREAT!

For my Challenge (Chubby Chick’s Christmas Challenge) here’s my stats for this week:

I started the challenge at 164 pounds, when I “threw” myself on the scale this morning I was down to 161. So I’m down 3 pounds for this week. Leaving me with 7 pounds to go to reach my goal. I started with a goal to lose 10 pounds before christmas…my overall goal is to lose 25 by my 25th birthday in February.

To close this post out I’d like to quote Winston Churchill ” Never, Never, Never Quit.”


P.S. Have a great Labor Day everybody!


6 Responses

  1. Good luck!! I’m jealous :p

  2. Good luck!! I’ve been wanting a wii for sometime just to get wii fit. Its on my wishlist so maybe for christmas!!! Good luck on the challenge.

  3. Way to go with the weight loss! I hope you win the ebay auction. Those Wii Fits seem pretty cool! Thanks for the encouragement on my blog.

  4. Becareful! Make sure they have a really good feedback! I won’t bid on anything les than 98% You can read their feedbacks. Sometimes it will be a small bid but then they jack the S/H charge up!! I hope if it’s legit, you get it!

  5. good job!

    and good luck on the wii!

  6. good job on your weight loss. Keep it up!

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