Let’s Wipe It Out!

I was checking out Train Wreck’s blog this morning before I was going to go turn on the other computer and off load my pictures so I can show you all how we did at the fair and my before my haircut and after my haircut when I found this post (I just realized how long of a sentence that is! 🙂 If you go to Nine Acres: 20 Miles North of Nowhere (or click on the “I Helped Save Second Base button” at the top of my sidebar) you can read about this blogger’s extremely couragous friend/neighbor.

I donated to her cause because I know that at any minute this “disease” or whatever you want to call it can happen to anyone of us. I know a couple of people who have “kicked breast cancer’s ass” and it makes me feel great knowing that there are people like {ipost} out there doing what they can to rid us of this terrible “disease.” So thank you {ipost} and team! Oh and have a lot of fun in the process!

P.S. I agree with Train Wreck. I think the “I Helped Save Second Base” button would make a great shirt! I’d buy a couple in a heartbeat!


One Response

  1. Sorry it took me so long to get over here! A virus was busy kicking my ass while all of you were busy kicking cancer’s ass by making donations! Thanks soooooo much for helping me out. i think you might want to know that i have reached my $200 goal and now am shooting for $300! Do you think i can do it? *smooch* Thanks for helping!

    *maybe i will get some t-shirts made?!?

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