My Bucket List

Train Wreck over at Cowboys, Kids and Sunsets provided me with the inspiration for today’s post. So here goes:

1. I want to meet in person some of my bloggy pals. I think it would be super fun! Let’s do it ladies/gents!

2. I want to actually get on an airplane and fly somewhere. I’ve never flown before and I think I might want to try it, now I just have to pick a place to go.

3. I want to own a big ‘ole truck.

4. I want to be debt free.

5. I want to see Niagra Falls. I don’t care what time of day or which side (Canadian side or the American side) I just want to see it!

6. I actually want to go on a vacation by myself.

7. I want to learn a new unusual hobby.

8. I want to learn how to drive a boat.

P.S. Feel free to share some things you’d like to do before you “kick the bucket” if you’d like.

So have a great day everybody!

Jamie/BITR Country Girl


4 Responses

  1. Meeting blog friends ranks at the top of my list too. And then I want to travel… all over the place… and especially Italy.

  2. I was totally jealous of Bossy when she got to drive across country in a bunch of new Saturns and meet and crash at her blog friend’s homes. If I travel I’d love to go and hang out at blog friend’s places! Of course I hate traveling so that’d make it kinda hard. Plus it seems that all the people I’ve been meeting are horse people and consequently rural and when I travel it’s never.. rural..

  3. i think it would be super fun to go meet the actual people behind the blogs, but im not sure id ever want to go somewhere like the Blogher conference or anything…you know? It seems like that was a gigantic bitch-fest.

    Sorry – Can I swear on here? If not feel free to delete my comment…I wont be mad I promise!

  4. Great choices! I know how to drive a boat!! C’mon over! Piece of cake! Fly? Not so much! (makes my tummy queasy!) Niagra all over it! I have a friend that lives in Canada, he tell me to come visit any time! He will take me. I holpe you get to take your girl trip soon!!

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