No girl vacation yet….

But at 7:01 tomorrow morning I’m on R&R for 10 whole days! I’m totally looking forward to it too. I’m really tired and my left knee has been bothering me for the past three days so I’m hoping a little rest will do a body good! Not to mention I’m just flat out tired of making myself useful to everybody else and leaving no time for myselft.

It’s definately getting to be fall-ish here in Wisconsin. It’s supposed to top out at 58 degrees here today and rain on top of that too. It’s not supposed to be above 70 all week here. NOT looking forward to fall (ok the leaves turning colors is pretty) cause that means we’re that much closer to winter and winter is COLD. Last winter we got 100+ inches of snow so I’m kinda wintered out for a while.

I was dow to 160 but I’m back up to 161.5. I’m doing alright. I’ve been pretty good about not giving in to my soda cravings too. My brother’s fiancee got a Wii Fit yesterday and I’m totally jealous!

Jamie/BITR Country Girl


6 Responses

  1. Bouncing around like that in weight is normal, don’t let it bug you. Always weigh at the same time too, wearing the same clothes (or no clothes). And specialists will tell you not to weigh more than once a week.

    You are doing GREAT!

  2. WHOA 58 degrees?? thats not warm!

    Yeah I agree with paige…dont get too obsessive about the scale…it will fluctuate! It just will.

  3. Oooh, 10 day vacation! I want one too!

    Yeah, don’t worry too much about the scale. Just continue with the healthy choices, the rest will fall into place.

  4. Plus it’s how your clothes are fitting, not the scale number! You’re doing great!

    I am so wishing for Fall. I love it. Very tired of the 90+ heat.

  5. Not really worried about the scale just weighing in for my holiday challenges. Thanks for all the encouragement ladies!

  6. Don’t let the weight thing get you down. Just stay the coarse!

    I am so not ready for fall. The days are getting colder…

    I stay inside and write more. Comment more too. LOL

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