Made Of Honor

I purchased Patrick Dempsey – AKA Dr. McDreamy’s new movie Made Of Honor this morning. I really thought this movie was very cute. I mean look at him….Isn’t he cute!?
Basically, Tom (Patrick Dempsey) is a rich “playboy” who gets whatever girl he wants, whenever he wants her, but never breaks his set of rules that he has in place for his “relationships.” Then his best girlfriend Hannah goes off to Scotland and comes back engaged to a Scottsman. That’s about the time that Tom realizes that he’s got “feelings” for his friend and when she asks him to be her MOH (Maid of Honor) he and his friends devise a plan to make him the “Best MOH ever” so that he can “crash” the wedding from the inside.

6 Responses

  1. I love him. No, I mean, I REALLY love him. I have a big, huge crush on PD!

  2. Just thought I would stop by and say’s been awhile.

    Yay for your losing lbs. I always loved getting up early in the am for a morning walk when I lived in Phx. I didn’t get much exercise in that office job I had and started to get a little flabby. Stay motivated and you’ll have lost everything you want in a very short time.;)

  3. oh so cute. he is a goodlookin dude.

  4. So cute…*sigh* i don’t watch movies very often, but this might make my must see list. Just to look at that face…

    ‘course i won’t be tellig hubby that. ;0)

  5. I have wanted to see that! I will have to go get one for me!!

  6. Sounds like a cute plot, but I have to confess. Patrick Dempsey doesn’t do much for me. He did in the teeny bopper movies, but not anymore. sigh.

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