Vacation is almost over….

My time off of work is coming to a close….I go back to work tomorrow (Friday) night. Not really looking forward to it but life is rough all over right? My vacation was great, I didn’t do much of anything, which was the plan if I couldn’t go to Michigan like we did last September. Now I’ve got to become a “vampire” again….Which so far I’m not doing so good at.

I went and did some more clothes shopping for myself yesterday. I hit my local Old Navy and got a couple (3) pairs of jeans that actually fit me like they’re supposed too in a size 10. Usually I avoid Old Navy because 9 times out of 10 their jeans don’t fit the way I like them too on my body but with their “new” jean styles I’ve found that they do fit and I feel really good in them. I am super excited that I’m a 10 in pretty much every brand I’ve tried so far, cause usually I find that I “float” between sizes in different brands. So now I’ve got myself 6 pairs of jeans that fit right.

My brother is being special again. He called me yesterday and insisted that I go up to their place and help them clean the apartment for the “pet functionality” inspection that they were having in an hour and hadn’t yet started cleaning for. He thought he could bribe me with food to get me to do it for them but I told him no….They had known about this inspection for a little while and apparently didn’t feel the need to take it too serious.

I saw my first live and in color coyote the other day. Out in broad daylight (I thought they were a more nocturnal animal) even. We live right out on the edge of town and once you cross the fence line on the backside of the park that’s across the street from our house your in the country. We thought that the coyotes were pretty much gone from being so close to our house when they started working on the third stage of our subdivision but apparently they are back again. I was listening to them this morning when I got up at about 1 a.m. yipping and talking to each other.

Laci is being a bed hog again! I’ve got about 2 inches (not really but pretty darn close) of bed to myself and she’s got the rest. Dang dog! Love her to death though.


3 Responses

  1. Good for you on the jeans! I have never been able to wear Old Navy either–too bad, since they are cheap.

    Sorry your vacation is over–I could use one of those

  2. You found 6 pairs of jeans?? Those are like the hardest thing to find that fit right! I’m impressed.

    We have coyotes here. Many a pet cat as gone to kitty heaven via the coyotes. I hear them yipping at night and have seen a couple in my early morning wanderings. Luckily, they’re pretty afraid of people.

  3. Too bad you have to go back to work, but earning money is nice, right?

    That’s awesome that you found jeans that fit well. That’s always such a challenge no matter who you are.

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