This is Mr. January

Guilherme Marchi – Current World Number 1

I admit that it’s not the best picture I’ve taken but it works for now. So yesterday I learned that my best buddy Ashley has started her own little photography business. She’s a GREAT photographer…..sooooooo much better at it than I am to be honest. She’s already shot some Senior photo’s, a wedding, and a couple birthday parties that I know of. On top of that she was recently in a pretty hairy car accident in which a guy talking on his cell phone felt the need to pull out in front of her and totalled out her car.
So in sports news….Greg Biffle has won TWO back to back races in the chase! The last race I actually got to watch he was not really feeling all that good about even being in the chase and now he’s won the first two races! He’s got to be feeling better about being in the chase now right?! “Mr. June” from yesterday’s post has won two back to back events also and is now sitting number three in the world behind Guilherme Marchi, or Mr. January, with 4 events remaining in the season before the finals begin. The Packers lost big time to the Cowboys on Sunday….Now I REALLY don’t like Tony Romo….I don’t care that he’s from Burlington, WI! Actually both of my teams lost this week….The Pittsburgh Steelers lost as well. It’s been kind of a wishy washy weekend for me in the sports department.

On the weight loss front I’m down to 156.5 according to the scale when I got up this morning. Which leaves me 17.5 pounds away from my target goal! I’ll be honest….I’m just really happy to be seeing numbers in the 150’s really. I’ve been in the 160’s/170’s for so long I just kinda got used to seeing those numbers, but I’m liking these new numbers even better. I’ve been kinda lax in the exercise department when I got home from work this past weekend cause I just spent 10 hours running around on my feet all night.
As for my post yesterday, thanks to everyone who left a comment. I really appreciate it. It’s really hard to maintain a positive attitude about all the things that are going wrong at work when things just continue to keep going wrong and nobody higher up seems to care about your concerns.
BITR Country Girl

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