All My Friends Say!

One of my new blogging buddies “showed” me the secret to adding a little “message” next to the number of comments in each post. If you look it says “All My Friends Say” cause y’all are my friends and checking out everybodies blogs is seriously cheaper than therapy! Have a great day!

7 Responses

  1. I LOVE this background!

  2. What a neat little thing to add. I have seen sayings before on other blogs but still haven’t figured that one out!

    Welcome to SITS!!

  3. Thanks so much for stoppin’ by! SITStahs RULE! Cute blog you got here!! 🙂 I say go for the TV! My hubby is drooling over it now, too! lol


  4. Thanks for the really sweet comment!!!

  5. Thanks for the picture compliment! Good luck with the weight loss – it’s never easy or fun. =)

  6. HEY THAT”S what my comment says on MY comment leaver thing!!

  7. What is the secret? I’ve wanted to do but could never figure it out! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Love meeting new bloggers!

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