Bloggy Pals!

Ok, so one of my bloggy pals asked that I please include some of the blogs that I visit on a regular basis. So I added a few that I follow. From what I can tell if you click on “view my complete profile” you should be able to see the other blogs that I follow as well. I’m constantly adding new ones now that I’ve joined SITS!

What do you think of the new template everybody?!

BITR Country Girl


5 Responses

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the comment today 🙂 Go to my page and look on the left hand side, there is an icon for a great blog template site!!

  2. I can hardly wait to see what your blog ends up looking like. I’m too scared to mess with mine. I just figure with my luck, the whole thing would crash!

  3. Wow! Did you do it yourself? I like it. I need to udpate mine, but laziness usually over-rules!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Your template is so cute & fun.

  5. I love the background! Looks great!

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