Fat Ticker Friday

Well it’s Friday again! Time to weigh in…..NOT good peeps! I’m up 1 pound from last week and up 2 pounds from tuesday morning when I stepped on the scale. I’ll admit it’s not been the best week for me….lots of work stress/drama, so I haven’t been eating the healthiest. So I’m going to go now….Must finish my battle with the laundry pile….I’ve put it off long enough. Have a great weekend!

11 Responses

  1. Girl don’t check your weight but once a week and in the morning. I have to do that or I get depressed….my weight fluctuates.
    I’m 4 ponds from my goal!

  2. Congrats on being so close to your goal! I wish I only had to check my weight once a week but I’m part of two challenges and the weigh ins are on two different days.

  3. then only do it on those two days—no matter how much you want to. Two pounds can just be a matter of water retention, etc….it will come back off, I promise

    You are doing great, don’t let this get you down

  4. That stinks that you have two different weigh-in days b/c the more I weigh myself, the worse it is! That’s why I force myself to wait until Fridays, b/c I would probably throw in the towel earlier in the week if I weighed myself then! Goodluck!

  5. Don’t let it get you off track. Just stick with it and you’ll see results.

  6. Hey it seems like you’re doing great. Just keep it up and you’ll do fine! Weight loss is the HARDEST thing in the world!

  7. Eh, it happens, don’t let it get you down. It’ll come back down soon enough. Just keep at it and once you get yourself back on track you’ll be back down to where you want to be again. And don’t let those other people get you down! Drama sucks.

  8. Water weight…drink tons of water and it will be fine. When in doubt, drink tons of water. 😉


  9. Congratulations on your hard work! Its not easy to lose weight so good for you! I agree, only weigh yourself once a week and in the morning (naked ;))

    When I diet I pick one bad food and totally take it out of my diet. don’t limit yourself too much or you will never be able to keep up with it. Just make smart choices throughout the day. French fries or salad- 🙂

    Good luck,

  10. oh that’s ok! it happens, really! i’m sure it’ll turn around — just don’t focus completely on the numbers, focus on being healthy!weight has a mind of its own sometimes. 🙂

  11. It’s all good! Pick yourself up and look forward to a loss this coming week! I know you can do it!!!

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