Before and right now

The photo above is my “before” photo. Ignoring the two skinny bullriders with me in the photo that’s me in April at not my highest weight but pretty close. My highest was 177 pounds not the best thing to hear when your already injured and feeling a little bit depressed about it.
This is me a couple weeks ago. There isn’t much change measurement wise but right now mentally I’m feeling better and that is what makes my day.


12 Responses

  1. You can totally tell! and CUTE VEST!!! sheesh i love it!

  2. Thanks Bekah! I don’t see it but I guess I’m my own worst critic! 🙂

  3. We never see it in ourselves! You look great.. 🙂

  4. Big difference. Congrats on all your hard work. Doesn’t it feel good??

  5. We never can see wht others see in us. That is why we have friends and are friends! You look great, feeling good about yourself is 1/2 the battle! Keep up the great job! You will reach your goal in no time! bekah is right cute vest!


  7. Mentally feeling better has got to count for something. You go girl:-)

  8. hey there skinny…saw u on SITS…and i think there’s a significant difference! i feel ur pain tho…i don’t feel great about my bod right now either…sad. i think you look fab~

  9. Good job! All of your hard work is paying off! You look great!

  10. Jamie, I totally see it–for real. You are doing so great!

  11. Looking good!

    Found you via SITS and am loving your blog!

  12. I should join you and lose at LEAST that much before Christmas! Thanks for stopping by my blog too b.t.w.

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