And all I smell is wet dog….

We…as in the dogs and I….went for a walk this morning and now all I smell is wet dog! Laci (sometimes known as “little dog”) likes to take her walks with her nose to the ground pretty much the whole time….must be the hunting dog part of her? Came home from our walk and know I have a sopping wet Cocker Spaniel with sopping wet ears!

4 Responses

  1. There’s nothing better than the smell of wet dog! YUCK!

  2. Well, I enjoy walking in the rain and so does the dog, but I’m not too crazy about the side effects!

  3. We used to have a Cocker spaniel and when he would get wet, he would put his ears on the ground and run to dry them off–he looked like a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes he would step on an ear and go ass over teakettle

    I loved that dog

  4. Snoods, they are what all cocker and other long eared dog owners should own. Google it, you’ll love them.

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