My mom (I still live at home for now) has just informed me that effective tomorrow morning my current e-mail account (the one that I need to sign into blogger) will no longer be active because we changed internet providers. I just got back to blogger and have regular vistors and know I have to move again!?!?!?!? This does not make me happy but for those of you who do follow me below is my new information:

New home (that I’m NOT happy about):

My new e-mail address (if you feel the need to e-mail me and tell me how UN-cool yet another move is):

P.S. Terri if your reading this more than throws a wrinkle in blogging me and I’m really sorry about it. I’m sure the blog will still be here but I just won’t be able to access it anymore.


7 Responses

  1. Hey girlie! Sorry you have to move. But don’t be so Bitr!!! LOL

  2. Aint that about right? Hook me up with the link, when it is a go and I will fix my link to you on my site

  3. Hey there, thanks for visitn my blog! Good luck with your weight loss, i recently lost 4 kilos and i know all the hard work and willpower is required so good luck! Just think how sex you will look!

  4. I’ll change my link so I don’t miss anything. That wouldn’t be cool !!!

  5. Girl you didn’t have a gmail account already? They are the best!

  6. Well, stay with it until things settle into a new old groove.

  7. That’s crazy! Let me know when you get set back up!

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