Hello world!

Hey everybody!  Welcome to my blog, it’s just my personal “diary” of sorts.  I hope you enjoy it?!  I just hope that wordpress doesn’t “eat” my blog like blogger did….On that note:

Can anyone tell me why Blogger hates me sooooooo much.  I go back to blogger because I was having troubles with WordPress.  Then I get my blog going there and then we had internet issues and I had to “move” my blog to a different blogger account THEN blogger deems my personal blog a SPAM blog and deletes it!  So I’m back to blogging at WordPress because Blogger in my pretty little mind right now really SUCKS!

I am still doing my challenge to get a postcard (or a couple) from each state to eventually giveaway when I’ve gotten them all.  I’ll have to completely re-do the specifics and everything so please keep checking back for more updates.


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