In honor of my upcoming “Girl” Vacation!

I give you Kody Lostroh and “Captian Enterprise” Flint Rasmussen.

2 Responses

  1. Oh, a girl vacation…sounds fun. I’m taking a girls weekend with my big sis in November, and am counting down the days.

    Hope you have a great time!

    Have a great time on your girls weekend! I know I’ll be having fun on my vacation. A whole weekend of cowboys, cowboys, and more cowboys!

  2. I love Kody and Clint…I’ve seen these two multiple times when PBR comes to WA State…and I’ve been to PBR Finals in Las Vegas…nothing better!

    I’ve got my nieces trained to know that main thing to look at the Rodeo or PBR is how the cowboys look in their Wranglers!!!

    My favorite part of the event is when “the guys” bend over to pick up their ropes. No just kidding, I like it all and the bending over to pick up the ropes is just another added bonus!

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