The Saucy Blogs Blogathon

My fellow SITS sisters and myself are having a blogathon on Tuesday, October 14th.  If you are interested in a some more blog love for your blog please consider joining us.  It’s pretty simple really to join.  All you have to do is insert the button (the code is available on the SITS blog) on your blog, check in daily and leave a comment on the featured blogger of the day post (also known as “Roll Call”), go check out the blogger of the day and leave them comments.  SITS is a group of ladies that are sometimes borderline comment “addicts”. 

Some reasons to at least consider SITS:

1. Meeting all sorts of new people from all over the globe.

2. The giveaways aren’t bad either.

3. Anyone can be featured blogger of the day…..there is a set of rules and they can be found in the welcome post on the SITS site.

4. Making new blogging friends.

5. All the blog love.

As I said earlier please feel free to join us.  We’re always out and about meeting new people and making new friends.



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  1. got mine ready to go…

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