Saucy Blog Blogathon

Today is SITS  blogathon, where I tell everybody how GREAT SITS is and why I LOVE it sooooooo much.  Let’s begin shall we….I had been “stalking” SITS for a couple of months via Meg’s  blog before I actually joined in on all the blog love that goes around on SITS.  When I joined I really had no idea what to expect at all to be honest.  A lot of the blog’s that I visited that first day were “mommy” blogs which is totally cool, cause as I’ve posted before my “blog love” knows no “genre.”  My blog? Well my blog definitely is NOT a “mommy” blog because I am not married nor do I have any children.  In fact, I’m almost 25, still living at home and have two dogs that drive me CRAZY (in a good way!).
Why do I LOVE SITS? Well I love all the different personalities of the people in this “little” group.  I also love that each day a different blogger is the featured blogger of the day. I also love that through all of the troubles that I’ve had with my blog’s (yes I said blog’s) recently people keep coming back to see me.  Now if only I could get the lurkers out there to say hi!  The giveaways aren’t bad either and on the weekends there’s always something fun going on to check out.
How has SITS helped my blogging?  Well, for one thing I’m out there checking out all sorts of different blogs on a pretty much daily basis.  I definitely have more traffic coming to my blog (LURKER’S SERIOUSLY PLEASE SAY HI! I’ll come visit you and say HI back I promise!).  I have a great big support system going on here in the blogosphere and that makes me EXTREMELY happy!
So if your like me and enjoy giving and receiving comments on your blog please consider SITS.  All you have to do really to “join” is put the button (the code for it can be found on the SITS blog) on your blog, leave a comment on the daily post (also known as “Roll Call”) so that other SITS members can come and visit your blog.  Then go check out the featured blogger or on the weekends what ever may be going on.  Trust me it may take a little doing to get some more readers but the blog love is GREAT!
Some of the “Cool Kids” from my SITS club:

“This is the day….” PS118:24

Just A Little Something From ME

Keeper of the Skies Wife


My Dogumentary

Those are just a few of the “cool kids” that I check out.


10 Responses

  1. Oops I commented on the wrong one. Sorry! 🙂

  2. Aww, gee, thanks for naming me in your top five.

    Hope you win something today. I have to go to bed now, or I will not be a very nice mommy this afternoon/evening.

    I heart SITS! And you, too!

  3. Thanks for including me! I feel so honored! I hope you have a great blogathon day and am so glad you stopped stalking and joined in on the fun!

  4. Happy Blogathon Day!

    You know I am all about winning the pic of George Clooney! 😀

    I hope you win some fantabulous stuff, too!

    I hope you win the George picture!

  5. My two pups drive me crazy in a good way too. 😉

    Happy blogathon day to you too 🙂

  6. ACK! I just left a comment about SITS on the wrong post!!!! Ooops…

  7. Happy blog a thon day!

    I love the blog

  8. Oh my gosh How sweet of you to give me a shout out!!!! I’m late getting on board the blogathon.

  9. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

  10. Hey, Hope you had a Happy SITS day!

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