Welcome to the Looney Bin

I really don’t like to “bad mouth” my job here on my blog but there has been enough SH!T going on at work lately that I must vent and vent good! As I’ve posted about recently, the boss that we actually like is leaving our team on the 20th of this month. Leaving us with “The Wicked Witch of the West” and our new ETL. This vent/rant is about our “Wicked Witch.” Now the “Wicked Witch” has been doing a crap ton of stuff to tick off her veteran team members to the point that several of us just don’t care anymore. Our opinions/concerns/problems just don’t matter to her at all.

We have a group of people from Albania….there’s maybe 7 of them to 40+ American’s on our team and THEY are the favorites and the rest of us are just there to be their American work horses. Two days in a row one of the Albanian team members has come over to the H&B department where her aunt works and has stood there in the aisle she’s supposed to be working talking for 20 plus minutes. When I told the “Wicked Witch” about the whole situation instead of dealing with it right away, she dicked around in the office for another 15 minutes. Then when the other person I was working with was trying to explain why the whole situation was frustrating to her, while we were on our break, our boss pulls her into the office and yells at her for 15 minutes! It’s not even just this one time that this has happened….they get away with EVERYTHIING EVERY time.

To top that off she’s pretty sexist too. She doesn’t believe that female’s should go to our offsite warehouse or unload trucks at all. She’s of the frame of mind that we feeble female’s should pretty much make ourselves useless. While all the guys get all the big “heavy lifting” jobs….soooo NOT cool!

We have a lot of new team members coming in right now because we are getting close to yet another busy Christmas season (the “C” word) and there has been little or no training done with these team members. We haven’t had a safety meeting in probably 4 months and there used to be one at least once a month. People who have been working there for YEARS still aren’t signed off on equipment that they’ve been using since they got hired. It’s just super frustrating!

So before I completely lose my cool I will say that I would totally love to get a new job. I really would but I’m a wee bit afraid to leave my job right now with the economy the way it is. That and if I leave the Wicked Witch wins and I just can’t have that right now.


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  1. Sounds stressful! I hope it gets better soon.

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