My Blogroll

I’ll be creating a page on my blog for all the blogs that I follow.  I’m hoping that if I do this my side bar might actually come back up to the top of the page again.  After I added more blogs on Tuesday it’s been near the bottom of the page.  I’m in the process of adding my blogging “peeps” to my google reader too.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks pretty girl! I see you got blogged by fabulous Terri! Love her! Now how come this page doesn’t come up when I click on you on my blog roll?? Love your “song!”

    The new blogroll page is still in the works so that’s why it won’t open yet. But I’m working on it. Just not enough hours in the day and all that “fun stuff.”

  2. Did you know wind beneath my wings was playing on my website on Blo-A-Thon day? Better stay away from me…

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