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I have FINALLY started my Christmas shopping.  I know I just said the “dirty” C-word but it’s the truth.  I out the hard way last year that waiting until the last minute is a BAD idea.  It’s near the end of October and I’ve got a good start on my brother and his fiancee’.

I’m having another one of “THOSE” days again….only this time instead of trying to unlock the front door of our house with the keyless entry for my car, I’m dropping bra’s in the dog’s water bowl.  I’m just hopeless sometimes.

I updated my weight loss page this morning.  That’s all I’ve got to say on that one….no really I’m actually pretty surpised that I only gained 1.5 pounds and not more with all the stress, etc. I was under last week.

I know I’ve said the before but my dog Laci is a 26 pound snoring MACHINE/bed hog.  How can something so small take up sooooo much space?


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  1. that is a good question, when you figure it out let me know…cause i am tired of waking up with jaco paw in my face! but hes so cute when he sleeps.

  2. I used to have to sleep with a weenie dog that would hog more than half the bed. She weighs 15 pounds and I am still crammed on the edge of the bed! I don’t get it!

  3. I had to sleep with Tequila last nite and she is by far the smallest of my dogs at 95 pounds. But she does not move–ever. It was miserable, as she wanted the middle of the bed.

    Are you ever going to tell what was so bad about last week?

  4. When you can’t sleep, go for the nyquil! LOL

    Oh and I’m with you on the Christmas shopping! Better do it now than have to deal with all the last minute crowds and shipping fees! lol

  5. Christmas shopping? I never start until after Thanksgiving. Of course, I might feel much less stressed if I started now, like you.

  6. Starting Christmas shopping early is so key. Problem is, I don’t know what to get anybody! I was able to find a few small things for a couple friends, my mom, and my brother’s girlfriend, and got a really good deal on them, but that’s only part of even their presents.

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