Ok so I need a little cheering up….

Ok so I have a thing for cowboys.  They make me happy and right now I’m anything BUT happy.  I actually stayed home from work tonight because I’m soooo upset about this situation with my friend.  I’m still doing some thinking on the situation but it may come down to I just can’t be friends with her anymore because of the way she treats me…There is more than once kind of abuse and I’ve done the kind(s) she’s using on me before and I swore I wouldn’t do it again.  I’m tired of being messed with mentally and emotionally….well I guess I pretty much made my decision for myself haven’t I?  Gonna be hard to break the ties but what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger right?

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  1. Thanks for the comment. I like your blog, it is different from others I have seen. Good luck with your (soon to be ex) friend at work, been there, done that. You don’t need friends like that. You have plenty here, right? Right!

    Thanks for stopping by! I strive to be different…it’s what I’m good at I guess. Thanks for the words of encouragement. 😉

  2. I have had to do that before and it is SSOO hard. If you know it is the right choice ‘Stick to your guns”!!! I always would cave in, and it just prolonged the situation.

    Good Luck!

    I plan on “sticking to my guns,” I’ve done this before and didn’t like it and I’m not going to like it again but I guess it needs to be done. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. I’m sorry it’s come to this. I know how hard it must be. When you do have to be at work, try to just focus on the work that has to be done and not worry about your “friend.” It’s going to be hard but it will get easier with time.

    I’m not real happy it’s come to this either. It’s super hard right now for me to even think about. I’ve even considered changing my schedule at work to almost completely avoid her all together but I don’t think that will be a very good idea either. Oh yeah, planning on keeping my nose down and getting the job done. It’ll make it that much easier to break this friendship if I can do that, I think. Thanks for the words of encouragement Terri! 🙂

  4. First, thank you so much for your wonderful comment….and secondly, I’m sorry things aren’t going well with your friend….it’s extremely hard to make a decision not to continue a friendship…It seems like she is really going to be the one losing out on this…rather than you…

  5. Hello!

    Thank you for your comment!

    I have been in the same predicament as you, and you know what? After I severed ties, I felt free!
    And I was able to be civil to my “ex” friend and because she realized she wasn’t getting the same reaction from me, she changed!

    Good luck!

  6. Ah, that’s a hard one because it’s not like you’re not going to be around the person once you break off your friendship since you still work together. You should break it off though, it doesn’t sound very healthy at all. Good luck and remember life is too short to spend dragging yourself down with people sucking the life out of you.

  7. Hi! stopping by from SITS – sorry to hear that you’re having such problems with your (ex)friend at work. The decision you’re making is never an easy one, but you need to do what’s best for you.

  8. Well, it will be her loss! You are a sweet good person. No reason for someone to treat you badly! You don’t need to take that crapola! Good for you for being strong, enought to stand up to her. We are behind you. When you tell her you remember that. Just like the Verizon commercial! Can you hear me now?I LOL!

    Oh yeah I hear ya TW! 😉

  9. Aww Jamie that sucks…I’m so sorry. That is one of the hardest things to do. Friendship shouldn’t be hard like that. Stay strong girl!

    Cowboys are HOT!! haha

    I started your shawl today….are we still on for the swap?

    It’s going to be tough but I think it’s for the best. I know cowboys are gorgeous! We’re still on for the swap too. I’ll get started on it this morning yet. 🙂

  10. I am sorry to hear you will be losing a friend but if she treats you bad you will be better off anyway.

    I have been reading your blog for a little while now.I really like it.

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad that you like my rambling! 🙂

  11. agh Im sorry to hear she is doing this stuff to you yet again…thats garbage! Iknow it will be hard for you, but you can do it, and you will be better off for it! But still, Im sorry you are losing a friendship

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