As the tummy rumbles

I’ve changed the day that I weigh in from Thursday morning to Wednesday morning (I’ve already updated the page as well).  It just works better for me personally to weigh in on Wednesday mornings is what the change boils down to.  I also changed the number of pounds that I want to lose…being 130 pounds is just not a very healthy weight for me to be at so I’m trying to lose 24 instead of 34 pounds by April which would put me at about 140 pounds which is a much healthier weight for me to be at.

I’ve also added a new to page to my blog….My reading list.  Which is the list of the Top 100 books plus a “few” that I’ve come across that I want to read.  Apparently, I’m pretty “uncultured” cause out of the Top 100 books I’ve only read 5. Oh well, gives me something to do when I’m not trying to lose weight, blog, etc.

I’ve also spent the morning looking up fun things to do in Idaho when Ashley and I get on a “big metal bird” and fly to the Nampa Invitational (our first PBR event of the 2009 season) to see our cowboys in action. Hopefully we’ll both have enough vacation time and money saved up that we can stay a couple extra days and do some major sight seeing.  I’ve got my fingers and my toes crossed on that one cause there is sooooo much to see and with the other events we’ve gone to we didn’t really do the tourist thing we just did the event and spent a lot of time in our hotel.

Now I’m off to do some more reading and eat some breakfast too…Apparently my tummy isn’t enjoying being empty anymore! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Your first PBR! You will have fun. I’ve been to bunches and they never cease to entertain me.

  2. Hey!!! Have fun for me too! LOVE the new look and yes, I got your emal…will respond asap..been super busy with the biz…!!


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