I’m sorry :(

For some reason I am not able to comment on Blogger blogs right now….I’m not real sure what’s up with that but I hope it works itself out cause I’ve got comments to leave! 🙂


6 Responses

  1. What? What’s going on?

  2. I have no idea. 😦

  3. why? I have been having trouble on some(blogger) blogs as well, I click on the comment tab, the screen moves a little, but the comment box never shows. I am so fed up with computers, and HMTL and blogs that I just might pull my hair out! Now, two people are telling me that they cant even SEE my blog. ugh.

  4. I like your layout! Is this the new one? And sorry about the blogger thing–not sure since I’m on wordpress!

    Yup this is the new layout…simple but I LOVE IT! 😉

  5. Blogger has definitely been having ISSUES for about a week now. For several hours a couple of days ago my laptop only wouldn’t connect to any Google sites (including blogger). Maybe I’ll get around to making the WordPress plunge like you did.

    I replied to your comment on my blog. I said, “I agree with you (I’m all about less government!), but my point (made in the other two posts) is that a baby living inside a woman is not an extension of her but another, unique human being. ”

    Thanks for commenting!

    I like wordpress alot….alot less issues. 🙂

  6. I love the new blog layout!

    Sorry you are having problems…hopefully it’ll work itself out soon!

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