There are theives on the loose!

Someone out there in the town that I live in stole our Obama ’08 yard sign. Yes, we’re a democrate household for the most part. What kind of “extra special” person goes and STEALS a political yard sign anyway? So if your political yard sign has gone missing recently….it’s probably in some “extra special” person’s with our political yard sign.

P.S. If the person who stole our sign is reading this….NOT cool at all!



5 Responses

  1. I don’t know why this is so common…Heather mentioned her sign was stolen recently as well. It’s as if people forget that politics aren’t on the same level as say, a big rivalry game.

  2. this is happening here too, it was in the paper, one woman had her mccain sign stolen SEVENTEEN times. Wow. Geniuses…I mean really, taking someones sigh is supposed to influence their vote?

  3. I’ve heard about this happening here too!
    There was a neighborhood where this one woman put up her McCain sign and the next day had 15 threatening letters sent to her from her neighbors! Scary!!

  4. My daughters had their Obama sign stolen out of their yard last week. They were pissed!!!

    PS I finished your shawl….I have to get a box then I’ll get it ready to mail!

  5. Wasn’t me. Whoever said it was is lying!

    Sorry I haven’t been in a while. I need to add you to my blogroll or else I totally forget you moved to woodpress. Did you get my postcard yet?

    Yup I got it. Thank you for sending it by the way. I’m glad it wasn’t you who took our sign. 🙂

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