What The Fuck!

Ok, so I very rarely use bad language on my blog but I’m being a rebel here peeps.  That and it is my blog right?  Sorry if the title of this post upsets/offends anyone.

Moving on…..

Have you ever just known it wasn’t going to be a good night at work when you start your truck unload at 9 pm and by the time 10 pm rolls around the softlines department is 4 pallets in the hole?  Well that is how my Monday night at work started ….I was one of the chosen 5 to work in our softlines department….. when I walked over after completing my pulls for the night I was SHOCKED by what I saw.  Apparently, from the truck unload itself there were a total of 8 pallets of just clothes that needed to be unpacked and hung on z-bars (the racks that we put the product on so we can wheel it easily to the department it belongs in), but not all of the boxes that the clothes come in a boxes of things that need to be hung up…some of the boxes are full of folded shirts, jeans, belts, etc. 

Soooo back to what I saw…..I saw 4 z-bars FULL of women’s bath robes……I know it’s getting cold out but seriously 4 z-bars of pretty much the SAME product is more than a little bit excessive.  Not only were they pretty much the same product, the prints that they are available in aren’t very cute either. Apparently, there are A LOT of women in the greater Madison area that need a big fuzzy bathrobe because they’re still cold in their flannel pajama’s.  Not only did we get a crap ton of bath robes, we also got a crap ton of even uglier flannel pajama’s too.  I’m sorry but turquoise pj’s with BRIGHT pink elephants on them are just flat out nauseating to me.  The problem with getting all this product in all at once is that our sleep wear department is jammed full to begin with and our job is to find a place to put all these new less than beautiful pieces of clothing…..it was a complete pain in my backside!



Let’s move on now to what I unpacked from the boxes of folded product…..2 heaping carts of men’s basics (socks, under ware, etc.) and 1 HEAPING cart of men’s jeans……Apparently on Monday there were A LOT of men running around the greater Madison area in their tightie whities/boxers/boxer briefs/etc.  And here I thought you got tickets for indecent exposure but apparently not…..or maybe that was the reason that we got sooooo many pairs of jeans in that night, who knows.


But really it ended up being a great night over in softlines with the 5 of us over there.  We got all of the work done a little after 5 am and all was well in the Target galaxy…..For now anyway.


2 Responses

  1. Oh girl I feel you pain, I was the womens soflines manager at one time. It was my job to have to whole womens area up and running! By myself! I am so glad I don’t have to do that anymore!!

  2. And I thought my turquoise jammies with pink elephants were sexy!

    (Just kidding. I don’t wear pajamas. Sweats and t-shirts! Yeah baby!)

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