The World Finals

Ok, so as I’ve posted before I’m a wee bit of a PBR fan.  Well this weekend the PBR finals started in Las Vegas and I have had to miss the first three rounds of action because of this necessary evil called “work.”  I will actually get to see three of the 4 rounds in the second weekend and if the rider I want to be world champion wins the buckle and the million dollars that comes along with it….I will be owning all 8 rounds on DVD when it becomes available.  So I was scanning the PBR’s youtube page and I have to share these:


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  1. I was wondering if you were watching. I knew what a fan you are. Of course we watched every night. Our best friend is one of the judges. I always give him a hard time about scoring my favorite rider higher. He never does though. Stinker!

    I don’t get to watch the whole thing but I’m constantly checking out the results when I get home from work. I’m hoping that the rider I want to win the title will actually get it done this year….4 years in a row would just SUCK!

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