Friday’s Blessings

Well it’s Friday again, so it’s time for my  blessings for the week.  It’s been a rather tipsy turvy week for me so I’m just going to do what I can about finding the good in it all.  Lets start with work….work was rather “interesting” to say the least.  My ex-friend and her sister are actually trying to be civil/befriend me AGAIN.  Which leads me to think “what do they want from me now?”  I don’t really trust them, but because we still have to work together and be civil, I make nice but pretty much nothing personal is said around them anymore.  Our new team lead started last weekend and so far I’m pretty impressed. 10 minutes into his first shift he was in a truck throwing it like he was a man on fire.  We’ve also been having some issues with a couple of our Albanian team members and when we brought the issue up to him he dealt with it right away…so two gold stars for him.  We’ve also been having a problem with one of our hispanic team members who likes to talk to female team members chests instead of actually to them.  When I brought that up to our team lead (which was a pretty uncomfortable conversation because ALL of our team leads are guys) it was dealt with promptly which is making a lot of our female team members feel much better about coming to work on the weekends.

We all (or I hope “all” anyway) voted on Tuesday and being a democrate and all I’m pretty happy with the way the election turned out.  Now that’s all I’m going to say politics wise….so moving on.

A couple of weeks ago we ordered our new flooring so now I have to do this mad dash to get my room and several parts of our house looking prestine so the flooring peeps won’t have any troubles laying the new wood floor down.  Oh and the appliances we have to move too won’t be an easy task either.  Don’t worry there will be a post about the whole flooring process I’m “cool” that way!

I have saturday and sunday off of work to not only watch who gets crowned the 2008 PBR World Champion but to also celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday.  I can hardly wait to be honest, I rarely have a weekend day off much less TWO!


Have a GREAT weekend everybody!  I know I will (I’m sure there will even be a post about it too!)!



3 Responses

  1. Sounds like your week has been pretty good! Enjoy your weekend!!!

    Come on over to my blog!!!

    A Bella good morning video and a GOOD MORNING GIVEAWAY!!!!!


  2. Sounds like your new leader is doing a GREAT if he keeps it up, it will be even better!

    have a great weekend.

  3. Not a bad week, all in all, huh? New floors sound exciting to me! I’m cool like that. And happy 50th to your dad!

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