Girls just wanna have fun!

So I’ve introduced everyone to our “Wrecking Crew” in The “Wrecking Crew” part 1 and The “Wrecking Crew” part 2.


Well the girls found out that I posted all about their “quirks” and were more than just a little bit upset by it.  So here is what they had to “say” about my posts:

Shawna from The “Wrecking Crew” part 1:

1.  So I ate the couch…are you ever going to let that go?

2. I’m sorry I ate your bed and some of your stuffed animals but when you send me to the groomer in all my long haired glory and I come back looking like this:


Your bed and your stuffed animals deserve a little chewing on.  I look like a big black sheep…NOT cool!

3. I really can’t help it that my nose keeps ending up in the trash….I try to be good but sometimes it’s just hard.

4. I’m sorry I drank from the toilet right before I shared all of this with you too.

Now here we have Laci from The “Wrecking Crew” part 2:

1. I’m a small dog so I have a small bladder….You have to admit I’ve gotten better recently about not going on the carpet in the living room.

2. Boys are ICKY….Hence why I’m luke warm on them.

3. I really can’t help it that my previous owner didn’t feel the need to invest in obedience classes for me….You still love me right?

4. I don’t like to be by myself because I’d rather spend time with you….does that make me a “bad” dog?

5. I’m sorry I snore and hog the bed too.


Well there you have it….straight from the “crews” mouths.  They are soooo weird but we love them just the same.




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  1. You gotta love an adorable wrecking crew.

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