I Just Keep Counting My Blessings….

Well this week should be rather short and sweet in the blessings department.  To be honest, not much went on at all.  I had off on Saturday and Sunday which felt really good….coming up I won’t get any time off until after New Years.  Our new ETL seems to be doing a really good job keeping our team on task.  We were worried about that because he was known to be pretty “lax” with the day crew when he was on dayside.

It’s been now 8 days since we’ve started crating Laci and we haven’t had a single accident out of her.  The last three nights that I’ve been home she hasn’t even been crated at night because I get up within an hour or two of my parents going to bed.  I guess she really spends the night in the crate on the 4 nights that I work from what I’m gathering.

I up and started a random writing project on Tuesday.  I have no idea if it’s actually any good or not.  I just keep writing and hope something good becomes of it really.  Now I just hope blogger doesn’t eat my blog on me AGAIN.

My mom and I went on a photo taking mission last saturday and I finally figured out how to use some of the settings that I didn’t now how to use on my digital camera.  Now I can hardly wait for April to get here so I can test my knowledge on our “Girl” vacation to Nampa, ID!

It’s been defiantely winter-like here in Southwestern Wisconsin this week.  Pretty cold and rainy with a couple days of snow thrown in to keep things interesting I guess.  Not really looking forward to when winter shows up full blown but I guess I’ll get over it.


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  1. Sounds like a pretty good week overall! Our weather has been pretty much the same as yours. So far it’s not bugging me too much, but I know it’s going to get old if the sun doesn’t come out soon.

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