My would you rather post…..

I am going to be a follower of TattooedMiniVanMom’s  and do a “would you rather” post either tomorrow (monday) or tuesday at the very latest.  I’ve seen some of the questions and I can hardly wait to get this posted!  Y’all should go check out TattooedMiniVanMom she’s just AWESOME and NOT afraid to use “colorful” language on her blog….well it is her’s after all.

So I’ve been working on knitting my mom a scarf for Christmas…she likes to go out and take pictures with her digital camera so I figured I’d help keep her a little bit warmer this winter. I started it on Friday morning and it’s slow going but it’s going.

Wednesday I’m going to go be “tortured” by our new family dentist.  Have I ever mentioned the fact that I HATE going to the dentist?  Our old one was first cousin to the devil I swear to you…I think he made it his personal mission in life to cause MORE pain than you walked in there with.  I hope this new dentist isn’t like that….My mom seems really impressed with him so we’ll see.

On to sad news…..I think I’m getting sick.  I really hope it’s a false alarm but I’ve got the “burning ring of fire” going on in my throat that usually happends when I’m going to get sick.  My eye’s burn and itch and I’ve been extra crabby (to the point that I told someone at work last night flat out that if they didn’t shut up I was going to plant my sneaker up where the sun don’t shine.)  If I am getting sick I’m not looking forward to it….I got a bunch of Cold drugs on my way home from work….I hope that helps some.

Well I’m off to knit some more and make suck on a couple of cough drops before I go to bed.



5 Responses

  1. I want to see the scarf when you are done!

    Tattooedminivanmom is HILARIOUS!!!!

    Sorry you are getting sick. Go get some Echinacea…..that should stop it!!!

  2. The dentist doesn’t top my list of favorite things to do either. Good luck!

    Sorry to hear your getting sick. Sleep as much as you can and make good use of those drugs.

  3. oh oh! that’s exactly how I felt 3 days ago and now I’m down with a full-pledge cold and sore throat! argh! I hope you escape it.


  4. The heck with the echinacea – Do a generous shot of Nyquil (the Walmart and Target generic versions work equally well) and call it a night.

    I’m sorry you’re coming down with something; I totally know that “ring of fire” in your throat feeling you described.

    I currently have the other kind of sick – the gastrointestinal kind. I think all things considered, I’d gladly trade ya right about now! 😛 No, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, much less one of my bloggy friends!

    Feel better soon!!!

  5. Followed you from SITS!!!

    I hope you are not getting sick, that is one of the signs I know I am getting sick is by the scratchy throat! 😦 The scarf sounds like a wonderful IDEA!!! 🙂

    Have a great Monday!


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