A few new Idea’s for here at “Have Inspiration….Will Travel”


I’ve been thinking about things that I could do on my blog to keep things more “interesting.”  I guess you could call it a sort of blog content “makeover.” So here are some of my ideas so far:

  • At the end of each month I will do a post that features all of the new commentors on my blog to say “thank you” for stopping by and leaving some comment love on Have Inspiration….Will Travel.
  • Friday here is always my day to post my blessings for the week.
  • Saturday and Sunday are going to be my “off” days…NO posts on either of these two days.
  • Monday will be “My Weekend Was Great Because”
  • Tuesday will be “Recipe tuesday”….which can also be found on my cooking blog The BITRCountryGirl Cooks
  • Wednesday will be “Weigh In Wednesday” on my weight loss progress page 
  • Thursday will be “Wordless Thursday”…..Well I hope I can keep it wordless anyway
  • I’m also trying to come up with an idea for a give away so please keep checking back for further details.

One Response

  1. Count me in to be checkin’ in on you!! Sounds like some great new plans!

    {{Bloggy Hugs}}

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