The Queen and The Princess


I found this over at Razor Family Farms and I thought I’d do it here on my blog too…It’s kinda cute! 🙂

1.)  What breed are you?

Laci – I’m a blonde Cocker Spaniel and a darn cute one to boot!

Shawna – I’m a Black Lab/Cocker Spaniel mix….I’m the dark haired beauty of the family.


2.)  How old are you?

Laci – I just had my 6th birthday in October.  Don’t I look FABULOUS for being “middle aged?”

Shawna – Apparently, I came over on the Ark with Noah and his family….The Vet says I’m 19 but the Humane Society paperwork says I’m 20…Either way I’m “older than dirt.”

3.)  What is your full name?

Laci – My name is Laci but I have a ton of nicknames too.

Shawna – Shawna is my name.


4.)  Do you have any nicknames?

Laci – The Blonde Bomber, Racy Laci, “mean dog” (daddy calls me that one but I think he’s just messing with me), The Princess

Shawna – THE QUEEN!

5.)  Where do you usually sleep?

Laci – On the bed with MY human and when she’s not home I sleep on the bed with the other humans in the house….But I prefer to sleep with MY human.

Shawna – Mostly downstairs in the basement….The bomber doesn’t “do” stairs so that gets her out of my hair.


6.)  What is your favorite thing to do?

Laci – Sleep, eat, go for walkies, eat people food, spend time with MY human…they tell me I’m not spoiled but I think they’re lying to me.

Shawna – Due to being an old lady my new favorite thing to do is SLEEP!  Alot….that and go outside, cause I’m an old lady.

7.)  What is something unusual/intersting about you?

Laci – I like to sleep on my back with my feet straight up in the air.

Shawna – I have ticklish paws.

8.)  Who is your best friend?

Laci – MY human

Shawna – My grandpa…he rescued me from “doggie jail” so I could have a forever home.

9.) Did you go to obedience school? If so were you “TOP DOG” or did you flunk out?

Laci – What’s Obedience School?

Shawna – Ditto?


10.)  Can you do any tricks?

Laci – Does gracing you with my presence and beauty count?

Shawna – Ditto?


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  1. awww they are both so cute!!! I love dogs but I can’t afford them so I’ll just adore yours 🙂

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