An Open Letter to “Mother Nature”

Today is open letter day on SITS, here is mine.  Short and sweet.  I actually wrote this awhile ago but never actually posted it.

Dear “Mother Nature,”

Why must you do this to me?  I really don’t enjoy being “tortured” for several days once a month – I really hate the “Beached Whale” feeling too.  I’m sure that the people around me don’t enjoy me becoming a borderline homicidal manic either.   I Though they all seem to have a death wish at the time.  So please explain to me why we women have to suffer like this?  It’s totally uncool and quite frankly it’s borderline cruel.  So I’m going to hold a long-time grudge and leave you with this……To quote Happy Bunny…..You Suck and THAT’s Sad.

An unhappy “customer”


8 Responses

  1. LOL so true, so true.

  2. And it’s even worse while in “peri” – 3 month without and then BAM!

    And it’s SITs great!

  3. My husband was recently a victim of my maniacal mood. He doesn’t like it either 🙂

  4. LOL…. I so hate mother nature. I get the lovely once a month pimple that just screams I am on my period.

  5. you’re singing my song right now! what is the deal? i think it’s worse for those around me than me though. once a month i feel like a crazy woman!

  6. My mood took a skydive this week too. My hubby is totally not happy! Stupid nature.

  7. Ah, such is life! You win some, you loose some, but you show up for ’em all, right? Hey there, SITSta, I’ve got a Great Giveaway Goin’ On. Please drop by my place to Check. It. Out!

  8. Amen, SITSta!

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