It’ll be in my mailbox shortly!

Anybody who has followed Bumps In The Road since it started knows that I have a slight “thing” for cowboys. Specifically PBR (Professional Bullriders) cowboys. With that being said the 2009 PBR Hunks calendar is on sale and ONE will be in my mailbox shortly! If you look over in the sidebar there’s a picture of the cover….Just that little bit of flesh has me all excited to see who’s going to be on my wall for 12 months in 2009?! I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!


A few Cowboy Pix

The first photo is a poster of Guilherme Marchi TOPLESS. The next 2 photo’s are of Adriano Moraes and Guilherme Marchi’s Introductions. Then we have my favorite non-cowboy picture – Breakfast In Bed. The last photo here is one we like to call Cowboy Butts. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!