Vietnam Veteran

When I was in high school I was a member of our high school’s FFA chapter. Every other year we would go to the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky (It’s in Indianapolis now). Well the first year that I went one of the guest speakers was a Vietnam veteran who was SEVERLY wounded. He was disfigured and he only had a few fingers and a couple of nubs left on both of his hands as a result of a bomb going off near him in battle.



He said that while he was lying in his hospital bed he was thinking to himself that it would have been better off for everyone back home if he had just died in the explosion. He had his mind set that his wife would no longer love him due to his disfigurment and all of his battle scars. He didn’t want to be dependant on anyone just to maintain a “normal” life and he knew he would have to if he made it home. So as he told us, he made the decision to pull out the IV that was basically keeping him alive. As he was lying there waiting to die, he started to get really hungry. It had turned out that he had pulled out his feeding tube. He took that as a sign from God that He had something bigger planed for this gentleman. He went home and lived as “normal” of a life as he possibly could considering his “condition.”



At the end of his talk with us he sat down at a grand piano and played a piece by Mozart (I believe that was it) and got a standing ovation from several THOUSAND FFA members from around the country. This is just one example of how people make lemonade when they are dealt a bunch of lemons in life.







My would you rather post…..

I am going to be a follower of TattooedMiniVanMom’s  and do a “would you rather” post either tomorrow (monday) or tuesday at the very latest.  I’ve seen some of the questions and I can hardly wait to get this posted!  Y’all should go check out TattooedMiniVanMom she’s just AWESOME and NOT afraid to use “colorful” language on her blog….well it is her’s after all.

So I’ve been working on knitting my mom a scarf for Christmas…she likes to go out and take pictures with her digital camera so I figured I’d help keep her a little bit warmer this winter. I started it on Friday morning and it’s slow going but it’s going.

Wednesday I’m going to go be “tortured” by our new family dentist.  Have I ever mentioned the fact that I HATE going to the dentist?  Our old one was first cousin to the devil I swear to you…I think he made it his personal mission in life to cause MORE pain than you walked in there with.  I hope this new dentist isn’t like that….My mom seems really impressed with him so we’ll see.

On to sad news…..I think I’m getting sick.  I really hope it’s a false alarm but I’ve got the “burning ring of fire” going on in my throat that usually happends when I’m going to get sick.  My eye’s burn and itch and I’ve been extra crabby (to the point that I told someone at work last night flat out that if they didn’t shut up I was going to plant my sneaker up where the sun don’t shine.)  If I am getting sick I’m not looking forward to it….I got a bunch of Cold drugs on my way home from work….I hope that helps some.

Well I’m off to knit some more and make suck on a couple of cough drops before I go to bed.


Get Smart

For anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch I highly recommend the new release “Get Smart.”  I bought it the day that it came out on DVD and I haven’t laughed that hard during a movie in a LONG time.  Steve Carrell made a great Maxwell Smart and Anne Hathaway was a great Agent 99.  Plus, Dwayne Johnson does some pretty unusual things with a stapler too.  I don’t want to give too much away so all I’m going to say is see this movie.


Now I’m ticked off….

My father is really starting to tick me off.  He keeps blaming my dog (yes Laci thinks she’s mine and everybody around here refers to her as “your dog” too) for “accidents” on our living room carpet when she’s been in her crate.  I’m not quite sure how it’s possible for a dog who’s in a crate to pee on our living room carpet from inside the crate…can anyone tell me how that’s done?  It’s clearly their dog and my dog is taking the heat for it.  See their dog is EXTREMELY old….19 or 20 years old.  So her bladder isn’t as strong as it once was and so she’s been having accidents….which is fine except for the fact that Laci keeps getting blamed for it.

It’s the small things that are making me happy….

I’ve added a couple more pages to my blog again.  One is about the upcoming trip to Nampa, Idaho and the other is a page full of some of my favorite posts.  I’ll be updating those pages pretty often so please keep checking them out to see if anything new has been added.  You just never know what you might find! 😉


Yesterday, my mom finally broke down and went out and bought a crate for the “Little Blonde Bomber.”  She’s gotten into a pretty bad habit of peeing on the carpet in our living room and it finally got to the point that something had to be done ASAP.  She doesn’t like being in there at all but we can totally tell that she’s been crated before because once she’s in there she just lies down and goes to sleep.  We thought she’d howl and cry and carry on but there’s been none of that at all so far.

Going to be putting another recipe up on the cooking blog today also.  I haven’t made this recipe in a while and it’s pretty simple for those out there that don’t cook a lot.  So please keep checking back at The BITRCountryGirl Cooks for the updates.

If anyone out there knows of any good coupon/money saving blogs/webpages please send them my way.  With the way our economy is right now I’m looking for every resource I can possibly find to help myself save some money on my basic everyday needs.  That and who DOESN’T like to save themselves some money every now and then?

I’m super excited this week I only work two of my regular 4 day rotation.  I took off for the last two days of the PBR World Finals and my dad also turns 50 on Sunday so I took off for that also.  It’s the little things that are making me happy right now.  Is that weird?

I’ve posted about this before but I’m going to put it out there again….I’m in the process of trying to acquire a postcard (or a couple) from each of the 50 states and even internationally too.  You can click here to read more about the challenge and what is going to happen after I have gotten all the postcards.

A Group Hug to Brighten Your Day

There are theives on the loose!

Someone out there in the town that I live in stole our Obama ’08 yard sign. Yes, we’re a democrate household for the most part. What kind of “extra special” person goes and STEALS a political yard sign anyway? So if your political yard sign has gone missing recently….it’s probably in some “extra special” person’s with our political yard sign.

P.S. If the person who stole our sign is reading this….NOT cool at all!