Because I HATE having to explain myself…..

I have decided that since I HATE having to explain myself to the blogging world as a whole about my nickname “BITRCountryGirl” that I am going back to blogger.  I have been considering this move for a little while since a bunch of people told me in their comments that they thought that I was “bitter” instead of “bitr” and everytime I wanted to leave a comment on certain blogs that I visit I had to login to do so, which is SUPER frustrating by the way.  For those who have been following for a while I apologize and can totally understand if you choose to quit following my blog.  I’m just not happy with a lot of things about my current blog….That I can’t change certain things about my current blog….so I’m going to where I CAN change things as I feel they need to be changed.

The new address for Have Inspiration….Will Travel is:

P.S. If blogger eats this new blog again….well I guess blogging and I just weren’t meant to be.



One Response

  1. LMAO!! You are a GYPSY! A gypsy of the blog world, you just travel here to there… What?? People are harrassing you for the nickname I Trainwreck gave you??? Excuse me? Obviously they have not know you as long. Bumps in the Road people! BITR? I hope you have better luck wherever you land. Take care sweetie.

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